Production Method
Please let us know what production method you would like us to use.  If unsure, select the “please quote least expensive option” and we will help you with your selection.

Artwork Preparation
If selecting “I will supply print ready files”, please make sure that your files are ready to print, built with correct bleed, in CMYK, etc.  Please see our Toolbox for more information on producing print ready files.   If you have files that need help or would like us to design your job, please provide us with as much information on your needs as possible so that we may provide you with a correct estimate.  Please feel free to call us if you have questions or would like to explain your project in more detail.

Proofs Required
Please select the type of proof you require.  We only produce hi-res ink jet proofs for offset printed jobs.  Most of our clients select PDF proof via email, but if you are concerned about the color on your job, we suggest you ask for a toner based proof for digital jobs or a hi-res ink jet proof for your offset jobs.  PDF and laser proofs are no additional cost but require additional time to produce, as we provide the proof to you and then wait for your approval before proceeding to print.  Hi-res ink jet proofs are offered at an additional costs based on the size of the project.

Flat Size
The flat, unfolded size of your project.

Finished Size
The finished folded size of your piece.

Number of Pages
The total number of pages for booklets. (Counted as if you were reading a book, cover is page 1, turn page, page 2 is on the left, 3 is on the right, turn page, 4 is on the left and 5 is on the right, and so on.)  If you want a different paper stock for the cover, please provide your page count as number of inside pages plus the 4-page cover, for example, 64 pages plus cover.  If the paper is the same on all pages and the cover, it is called a self-cover booklet.

Paper Type
There are literally thousands of paper combinations.  Please let us know what type you prefer.  If you do not know the exact brand, color, etc., then let us know what you’re trying to achieve.  Do you want some texture to your paper to give it a tactile sense?  Are you looking for high gloss and print that will jump off the page?  Are you looking for a conservative look that projects confidence to your customers?  Paper is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Please list all colors used for your project.  Most common is four color process but please indicate if you have additional spot colors and the Pantone Matching System (PMS) numbers of the spot colors.  Also please indicate if the piece prints one-sided or two-sided.  For example, 4 color process + PMS 185 over PMS 185 and black.  Digital can be indicated as color or black and white.

Please let us know if you have any finishing.  For example, saddle stitching, coil binding, laminating, die cutting, folding, foil stamping, etc.  If the finishing method you need is not listed in the drop down menu, please explain in the additional comments section.